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megaClean plus

CLEANING AND DISINFECTING AGENT FOR SOLARIUMS (bactericidal | fungicide | virucidal)

Hygienically clean solariums in your salon are guaranteed with megaClean plus.
megaClean does not include any aldehydes (including formaldehydes), phenoles und ethanol (alcohol).

One litre of megaCleanplus liquid concentrate is mixed to obtain now 67 litres of ready-to-use solution. In addition there is the spray bottle including the special foaming spray head and a megaClean sign.

Everything you can possibly need for sanitation!


Concentrate will result in 67 liter usable solution.

Art.-Nr.: 3010141502


Spraybottle with adjustable foaming spray head.

Art.-Nr.: 3010145255


Sign to let people know it was cleaned.

Art.-Nr.: 3300020200



Concentrate will result in 10 liter usable solution.

Art.-Nr.: 3010141504