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P9 Series

It all starts with a dream

Solarium design in the footsteps of the iconic Porsche 911.
Impressive technology and breathtaking design in perfect symbiosis. People all over the world are fascinated by the myth that is Porsche. Therefore, it was our dream to collaborate with Studio F. A. Porsche on an ambitious project of a new solarium design. To bring form and functionality together in perfect harmony.

This dream has now come true: With the P9 Series, KBL presents a world first in close collaboration with Studio F. A. Porsche that sets new  design standards for solariums. The P9 combines a unique design with outstanding technical performance. Innovation that captivates customers. And at the same time, an homage to what energises and inspires us all: the sun.

Design must be honest! 

These four words spoken by Prof. Ferdinand Alexander Porsche get to the heart of his philosophy in which design is not simply decoration or superficial beautification, but rather the perfect symbiosis of form and function. This can only be achieved once the functionality of a product is fully captured.

When the studio was founded in 1972 in Zell am See, F. A. Porsche had already delivered the evidence of this philosophy: the design for the Porsche 911.
An unembellished, timeless design that embodies the technical essence of the sports car like a perfectly tailored suit. A passionate expression of
motion – even when still. The fascination for puristic designstill motivates Studio F. A. Porsche today. It permeates all the areas for which 
Studio F. A. Porsche designs objects in the 21st century: product, transport and space design.


 Magic Silver

 Copper Rose

 Wonder White

Striking Optics: Solarium design in the footsteps of the legendary Porsche 911. The design icon as envisioned by Ferdinand Alexander Porsche continues to fascinate people all over the world to this day. And thus the Studio F. A. Porsche was the ideal candidate for our ambitious P9 design project. The result: a unique design that captivates your customers. The ‘Magic Silver’ chassis colour fascinates with a variety of selectable light show programmes.

Radiant Apperance: The right choice for all studio concepts: with the ‘Wonder White’ chassis colour, the P9 is a real highlight in every spa atmosphere. Naturally with colour-coordinated light animations that fascinate customers over and over again.

Trendsetter: The rosegold colour isn’t just trendy for design icons like the iPhone. The characteristic copper shade communicates straightaway the premium aspiration of the P9 along with its colour-coordinated light animations. And because two thirds of all solarium users are female, it’s no surprise that our new ‘Copper Rose’ chassis colour is the clear favourite of this target group in market research studies.


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