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KBL GmbH – The Beauty and Health Company

Premium sunbeds technically perfect

Revolutionary visions, perfect technic, outstanding design made in Germany – there is no better combination. KBL GmbH develops innovative sunbeds, manufactures and establishs them successfully in the markets worldwide. At its headquarter in the middle of Germany KBL offers a wide range of sunbeds and Collariums® – a portfolio unmatched by any other manufacturer in this industry sector.

Mission and vision

How does the KBL GmbH keep coming up with groundbreaking innovations that revolutionise the solarium industry? It takes a dream. Dreams spur on creativity and goalsetting. But a dream is something romantic. A vision must arise from it that is geared towards success and is thus a preliminary stage towards drawing up plans for action. Outstanding employees, perseverance and discipline allow us to achieve our goal.

Our latest project, the P9, is an excellent example of how it can work. A dream became a vision and together with the Studio F.A. Porsche we’ve developed a solarium that perfectly combines form and functionality — and once again KBL GmbH has set new standards in the solarium industry.