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7800 Series

The new 7800 Series embodies contemporary style and follows the principle of sensual clarity — and that with astonishing ease. Leading the way, fifty tubes ensure more performance and seventy HyperRed Beauty Boosters a freshness boost to the face, décolleté and legs. You can choose from four spectral variants: hybridSun, extraSun, smartSun and beautySun. The whole concept is rounded off by numerous comfort features and the Intelligent Control System, which leaves nothing to be desired for your customers.


Endcustomer flyer 7800 beautySun

100 pieces
Item no.: 3010196344

Endcustomer flyer 7800 extraSun

100 pieces
Item no.: 3010196346

Endcustomer flyer 7800 hybridSun

100 pieces
Item no.: 3010196343

Endcustomer flyer 7800 smartSun

100 pieces
Item no.: 3010196345

Roll Up Banner 7800 hybridSun

Dimensions: 85,0 x 200,0 cm
Item no.: 1100119257

Water Bottle Sun is life
24 pieces
plus 0,25  deposit per bottle | 0,5l still
Item no.: 0400005619

Chilly's yellow megaSun

Item no.: 0400023734

Displaycloth megaSun

Dimensions: 18,0 x 15,0 cm
Item no.: 1100122901

Welcome mat megaSun across
Dimensions: 152,0 x 73,0 cm
Item no.: 0400012210

Welcome mat megaSun high
Dimensions: 100,0 x 175,0 cm
Item no.: 0400012310

Espresso Cup megaSun

100 pieces
Item no.: 0400010518

Luggage strap megaSun

Item no.: 0400005618

Illuminated display

Dimensions: 130,0 x 36,0 cm
Item no.: 1100123702

megaSun coffee cup
set of 6
Item no.: 0400010516

Mentos megaSun Peppermint

1500 pieces
Item no.: 0400005615


Item no.: 0400031460


Item no.: 0400016200

Organic tea stick megaSun

25 pieces
Item no.: 0400005616

32 GB
Item no.: 1100129000


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