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7000 Series

The markedly punchy 7000 Series sets completely new standards and is above all one thing: versatile and flexible. Sun and beautiful skin just as you wish. You can choose from four spectral combinations: hybridSun, extraSun, smartSun and beautySun. Fifty HyperRed BeautyBoosters give an extra freshness boost. The whole concept is rounded off by numerous comfort features and the Intelligent Control System, which leaves nothing to be desired for your customers.


Endcustomer flyer 7000 beautySun

100 pieces
Item no.: 3010196324

Endcustomer flyer 7000 extraSun

100 pieces
Item no.: 3010196326

Endcustomer flyer 7000 hybridSun

100 pieces
Item no.: 3010196320

Endcustomer flyer 7000 smartSun

100 pieces
Item no.: 3010196322

Roll Up Banner Beauty Booster HyperRed
Dimensions: 85,0 x 200,0 cm
Item no.: 0400011876

Roll Up Banner 7000 hybridSun

Dimensions: 85,0 x 200,0 cm
Item no.: 3010196312


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