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8000 Series

A solarium series for the highest demands

The megaSun 8000 Series gleams on the outside and uses the latest technology on the inside. It combines the benefits of different spectral variants, consisting of modern tubes and an intelligent controller connected to the Intelligent Control System. It imitates natural sunlight with all its effects on body and mind — from traditional/subtle to Caribbean/intensive. Seventy HyperRed Beauty Boosters regulate the moisture content of the skin and stimulate natural collagen formation — the number one anti-ageing agent. The result: Wrinkles disappear and the skin appears firmer and youthfully fresh.

UV Variants
8000α hybridSunThe new 8000α hybridSun is the power-house of the new 8000α Series. With the highest performing combination of pureSunlight and smartSunlight for an especially satisfying tanning result.
Number of lamps
34 lamps
16 lamps
BeautyBooster HyperRed
70 beauty Booster
4 facials
8000α extraSunThe new 8000α extraSun: Intensive sun-light with an extra-high percentage of UVB for increased pigment development and vitamin D production. Enabled by the one-of-a-kind extra-Sunlight lamps.
Number of lamps
44 lamps
6 lamps
BeautyBooster HyperRed
70 beauty Booster
4 facials
8000α smartSunThe new 8000α smartSun: With a smart balance between intensive sunlight and soothing beauty light. The patented smartSunlight lamps combine the power of four spectral ranges.
Number of lamps
50 lamps
BeautyBooster HyperRed
70 beauty Booster
4 facials
megaSun 8000 hybridSun

Endcustomer flyer 8000 smartSun

100 pieces
Item no.: 3010196368

Endcustomer flyer 8000 hybridSun

100 pieces
Item no.: 3010196296

Endcustomer flyer 8000 extraSun

100 pieces
Item no.: 3010196366

Chilly's yellow megaSun

Item no.: 0400023734

Displaycloth megaSun

Dimensions: 18,0 x 15,0 cm
Item no.: 1100122901

Welcome mat megaSun across
Dimensions: 152,0 x 73,0 cm
Item no.: 0400012210

Welcome mat megaSun high
Dimensions: 100,0 x 175,0 cm
Item no.: 0400012310

Espresso Cup megaSun

100 pieces
Item no.: 0400010518

Lighter megaSun

50 pieces
Item no.: 0400005600

Luggage strap megaSun

Item no.: 0400005618

LED sign megaSun with sun

Dimensions: 130,0 x 36,0 cm
Item no.: 1100123702

Lip care stick megaSun

48 pieces
Item no.: 0400005611

Coffee cup megaSun
set of 6
Item no.: 0400010516

Mentos megaSun Peppermint

1500 pieces
Item no.: 0400005615

Pop Sockets megaSun

25 pieces
Item no.: 0400005612

Guest umbrella yellow megaSun

Item no.: 0400031460

Shoehorn megaSun

5 pieces
Item no.: 0400016200

Organic tea stick megaSun

25 pieces
Item no.: 0400005616

32 GB
Item no.: 1100129000

Water Bottle Sun is life
24 pieces
plus 0,25  deposit per bottle | 0,5l still
Item no.: 0400005619

Roll Up Banner 8000 hybridSun
Dimensions: 85,0 x 200,0 cm
Item no.: 1100119249

Roll Up Banner Beauty Booster HyperRed
Dimensions: 85,0 x 200,0 cm
Item no.: 0400011876


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