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4800 Series

The clear design language and consistent lines make the family affiliation of the megaSun 4800 unmistakable. The 4800 shows off its features in its details, not least in its attractive design. This device category is equipped as standard with the evoSystem², innovative reflectors in the facial area for even better performance distribution, and two extraSunlight tubes.

In combination with the latest technology, the pigment tubes achieve perfect and skin-friendly tanning results and supply the body with a sufficient amount of vital vitamin D. Meanwhile, electronic ballasts reduce the energy consumption of the tubes. Environmentally conscious as well as cost-cutting!


Chilly's yellow megaSun

Item no.: 0400023734

Illuminated display

Dimensions: 130,0 x 36,0 cm
Item no.: 1100123702

Welcome mat megaSun across
Dimensions: 152,0 x 73,0 cm
Item no.: 0400012210

Welcome mat megaSun high
Dimensions: 100,0 x 175,0 cm
Item no.: 0400012310

Water Bottle Sun is life
24 pieces
plus 0,25  deposit per bottle | 0,5l still
Item no.: 0400005619

Luggage strap megaSun

Item no.: 0400005618

Shoehorn megaSun

5 pieces
Item no.: 0400016200

Coffee cup megaSun

Item no.: 0400010516

Mentos megaSun Peppermint

1500 pieces
Item no.: 0400005615

Guest umbrella yellow megaSun
Item no.: 0400031499


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