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6000 Series

A solarium that leaves nothing to be desired? There isn’t one? Yes there is! The 6000 series offers the cleverest solariums of their kind and is totally convincing. Elegant design, perfect ergonomics, patented megaSun technology and a wide range of device variants guarantee the desired tan at the touch of a button. Six extraSunlight tubes also ensure a perfect tan + vitamin D, gentle to the skin and definitely relaxing. The X-tra Tan shoulder tanner rounds off the all-round tanning result.


Water Bottle Sun is life
24 pieces
plus 0,25  deposit per bottle | 0,5l still
Item no.: 0400005619

Welcome mat megaSun high
Dimensions: 100,0 x 175,0 cm
Item no.: 0400012310

Welcome mat megaSun across
Dimensions: 152,0 x 73,0 cm
Item no.: 0400012210

LED sign megaSun with sun

Dimensions: 130,0 x 36,0 cm
Item no.: 1100123702

Coffee cup megaSun

Item no.: 0400010516

Luggage strap megaSun

Item no.: 0400005618

Guest umbrella yellow megaSun

Item no.: 0400031499

Chilly's yellow megaSun

Item no.: 0400023734

Mentos megaSun Peppermint

1500 pieces
Item no.: 0400005615

Shoehorn megaSun

5 pieces
Item no.: 0400016200


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