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Spectral combinations

Performance that speaks for it self: intensive sunlight and soothing beauty light in two different combinations for your face and décolleté and four spectral combinations for your body. Our brand new Beauty Booster HyperRed complete the package.

In order to tell you more about our light select feature and its possibilities we will use our new top of the line P9 as an example. By giving you the opportunity to choose one of four light spectrums we are able to fulfill any wishes of your customer base.

P9 hybridSun

The power-house with the highest performing combination of pureSunlight and smartSunlight for an especially satisfying tanning result.

P9 extraSun

The combination of pureSunlight and extraSunlight lamps for an intensive sun-light with extra high UVB percentage leads to increased pigment development and vitamin D production. These are easily recognizable by their yellow color, a tribute to the sun.

P9 smartSun

The clever alternative with a smart balance between intensive sun-light and  soothing beauty light. The patented smartSunlight lamps combine the power of four spectral ranges.  For a beautiful intense tan, promoting the formation of vitamin D, stimulating collagen formation and a fresh, healthy complexion.

P9 beautySun

The beauty spectrum is a real highlight for the face and shoulder area. The  revolutionary Smart Light Technology combines sunlight and soothing beauty light in one high performing facial tanner. Discover an especially  pleasant and gentle tan for a beautiful skin  appearance.